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How You Are Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Success

Do you have weight loss goals that just seem impossible? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to stay consistent and your weight seems to climb back up? In reality, you may be your own worst enemy and self-sabotaging your weight loss goals. Self-sabotage may happen subconsciously when you do something that gets in the way of achieving your weight loss goals and making it harder than it has to be. Here are five ways you may be sabotaging your weight loss success:

Unrealistic Goals

The number one reason why people end up sabotaging their own weight loss success is they start off by setting unrealistic goals. You are only hurting yourself by making your goals too difficult. In the end it is only going to affect you in a negative way by making unrealistic goals and not being able to comply with them. Try setting a SMART goal. Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Try breaking major weight loss goals down into smaller more attainable goals. Smaller achievements add up to long term success.

Treating Weight Loss as a Punishment

Another way you might be self-sabotaging your weight loss success is by having the wrong mindset and treating weight loss as a punishment. It is not a good feeling to hear from a physician or family member that you need to lose a few pounds to be healthy but it is also not a good feeling to hear you have Diabetes type 2 because of your unhealthy lifestyle choices. For long term success a weight loss journey needs to be perceived more as a lifestyle change than as a punishment.

Negative Self Talk

For long term weight loss success you need to learn to believe in yourself. Weight loss is a very personal journey and you need to be your number one supporter. You need to fill your thoughts with positivity and motivate yourself. Nobody else but you can do the hard work to reach your weight loss goals. Negative self talk is a horrible habit that is a self-sabotaging behaviour and will negatively affect many aspects in your life, not just weight loss. Learn to believe in yourself and love yourself inside and out.

Poor Eating Habits

There are a large majority of us who have developed poor eating habits throughout our lifetime and sometimes these habits can be very hard to break. Whether you are eating too much or not eating enough, diet and reduced caloric intake is a major part of weight loss. Make sure to have balanced meals as well with carbs, proteins and fats and not completely take out an entire macronutrient. Try being more mindful with your eating and keep track of what you are eating and portion sizes. It is important to listen to your body and your hunger cues.

Lack of Sleep

Lastly, lack of sleep has been linked to overeating and weight gain. Many people find that if you focus on creating a good consistent sleep schedule, it might be easier to follow a healthy diet and practice regular exercise. Lack of sleep is also known to throw off hormones that can affect your eating and your hunger levels. Get a good night sleep and keep your weight loss goals on track.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Weight loss is a lifelong journey that will teach you all about willpower, self control and self motivation. Start believing in yourself and go into your weight loss journey with a positive mindset. Do not beat yourself up because nobody is perfect with their lifestyle choices. Just stay positive and keep going.

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