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Welcome to JessicaGerlock.com. My name is Jessica Gerlock, and I am from Vaughan, Ontario. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and obesity but I don't use any of that as an excuse. I have personally transformed my body inside and out and I have lost over 100 pounds. By making small positive changes  to live a healthier lifestyle, I have created the woman I want to be. I am now certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also hold specializations in Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, and Performance Enhancement.

I am the head trainer at Mindset Fitness and Wellness.


My goal is to spread a message of acceptance and staying true to yourself. I have been bullied and verbally abused about my weight and I now want to speak up and stand strong for the millions of people who do not.  Everybody is beautiful but not everyone loves themselves.

It all starts within to see the true beauty of someone.

Mindset is Everything!