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How to Stay Motivated if you Don't Enjoy Working Out

To achieve optimal health, working out should be a part of everybody’s daily routine. We can all benefit greatly from daily physical activity. If it were that easy to stay motivated to work out, we’d all have strong muscles and amazing bodies. Unfortunately, the majority of people make excuses and rather sit on the couch watching Netflix and Youtube videos. Here are 5 tips on how to stay motivated if you don’t enjoy working out:

Schedule Regular Workout Times

An hour workout is four percent of your day. There are no excuses. We all have busy schedules and it is very easy to use lack of time as an excuse for not being able to work out. A tip to try is to schedule regular workout times in your weekly schedule so you can stay accountable to yourself. If you need extra motivation hire a Personal Trainer to keep you accountable and make sure you get your workouts in.

Workout with Friends or Family

If you are finding it hard to be self motivated then try working out with friends or family. Exercise with friends or family can be social and adds some fun competition and added motivation. This also adds extra accountability and makes your workout more enjoyable. Try the newest fitness classes, join a sports team, or join a gym. Just find something you enjoy. It is important to look forward to working out and working out with others can do that.

Remember Why you got Started

If you have been working out but are starting to lose focus and getting bored, it is helpful to remember why you got started. A fitness/weight loss journey is lifelong and full of ups and downs so it is definitely hard to stay motivated. You need to remember why you got started and how far you have come. Your body can achieve what your mind believes, so it is important to stay positive and continue to improve yourself every day.

Make it Fun

Enjoyment is a huge factor when it comes to staying motivated to continue to work out. It is very important that you enjoy whatever form of exercise you want to do. Whether you love lifting weights or dancing or doing yoga or playing hockey, find some form of exercise that you find enjoyable because that is what is important. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment so make it fun and do what you love.

Set Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is just setting yourself up for failure. If you want to stay motivated to working out set realistic and attainable fitness goals, goals that are not unhealthy and that can be achieved in a timely manner. Being consistent to achieve your goals is key. Set goals, stay quiet about them, knock them out of the park and clap for your self. Repeat.

It is very hard to stay motivated if you don’t enjoy working out but you can make it the best it can be. The majority of us need accountability, consistency, and enjoyment to stay motivated to work out and live your best life. Remember why you got started and be positive. The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.

Stay Strong!

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