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How to Stay Calm and Manage Anxiety While Social Distancing

Everyone around the world right now is living in a very strange world but it is important to remember we are all in this together. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but it is important to stay calm and manage your anxiety while you are at home for the foreseeable future. A majority of us already feel anxious just at the whole idea of this virus spreading across the world but you need to remember to stay positive and remember we will all get through this. Here are some tips on how to stay calm and manage anxiety while social distancing:

Stay Connected

We are very lucky that technology is so advanced now and we can stay connected with our friends, family, co-workers and even strangers virtually. In situations like these we have to think positive and remember you are not alone. If you are feeling anxious or feel alone, call or Facetime or Zoom and talk to someone who might be able to calm you down. Humans were not made to social distance but in times like these we can all be strong and we can find many other ways to connect with our loved ones or for work.

Keep a Healthy Routine

Right now we don’t know how long this could be lasting for so it is important to not pretend this is a holiday. Keeping a healthy routine is extremely vital to make you more calm and less anxious about the given situation. Going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up like you would for work and not staying in pajamas all day can help give you some sort of ease and keep you healthy during these times. It is also important to include a regular exercise and eating schedule and try to avoid the emotional snacking which is very hard for many while stuck at home.


While we are all at home this is a perfect time to focus on yourselves and, in turn, help manage your anxiety. Focusing on your health and wellbeing is paramount to enable doing so. Things like working out, taking a shower, meditating, and personal hygiene are all things you can do while at home to help improve yourself. There are not many things in this crazy world that we can control right now which causes a lot of people to feel anxious. However, the only thing we can control is ourselves and spending some time taking care of yourself is super important.

Find A Hobby

Taking up a hobby up is a great way to ease anxiety and stress during these difficult times. A hobby gives you something that you find enjoyable and fun to focus on, at the same time takes your mind off negativity around you. Anything from reading a great book, to writing, exercise, puzzles, painting, etc. are great distractions for this craziness around us. Even online games where you can play with your Facebook friends will give you hours of enjoyment. Most of us do not usually have enough time to enjoy a hobby so this is your time. Find something you enjoy and have some fun. We all need some of that right now.

Get Help

As someone who has personally dealt with mental illness and anxiety I know this social distancing is hard for many people and the negativity around the world is also even more difficult to deal with. If you don’t have social support or you need someone to talk to, reach out to your mental health professionals. This is a scary time in the world and social distancing can definitely have a negative impact on our mental health so it is important to reach out to your psychiatrists or other mental health professionals if needed. Most services are still available remotely.

While we are living through this pandemic and social distancing is hard on everyone, it is important to stay calm and manage anxiety while you are at home for the next little while. This is also extra hard on individuals with mental illness so it is important to reach out to your loved ones and stay connected. Over the next few weeks for your mental and physical health it is more important than ever to take care of yourself and stay healthy. Stay calm and we will all get through this. Stay Strong!

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