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How to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

As a Certified Personal Trainer myself I am the first to admit that I am not the right trainer for everybody. It is important to do some research to help you find the right Personal Trainer for you and your health and fitness goals. With all these fake trainers on Instagram and Youtube with no credentials at all, there are thousands of uncertified trainers out there so beware. Here are some criteria you may want to take into consideration when choosing the right Personal Trainer for you:


Deciding where you want to work out is the first thing you should decide before picking a trainer. Choose if you want to go to a local gym, train at home, or at a community centre. There are many choices. Walking into a gym can be very intimidating as a newcomer so you might want to have a Personal Trainer come to you to begin. Location is also important for convenience. Most of us already make enough excuses to work out so wherever you decide to train should not be far from home or work because you don’t need another excuse to not work out.


No matter what, a good trainer should hold at least one accredited Personal Training certification in their area of expertise. For a Personal Trainer to become certified, they must pass an exam through an accredited organization. Some more recognized certifications are the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). These credentials ensure the Personal Trainer has proper knowledge and meets certain standards placed by a trustworthy organization.


Every Personal Trainer has a different and unique approach to health and fitness. It is important to find a Personal Trainer who you connect with on a personal level and agree with their training style. Every trainer has a different philosophy when it comes to health and fitness and finding a Personal Trainer who you agree with and are compatible with are very important when finding the right personal trainer for you.


Just like a trainer’s credentials, experience and philosophies can range greatly between different trainers, so can their hourly rate. The most experienced and knowledgable trainers have much higher hourly rates than someone who is just starting out or the thousands of fake Instagram trainers. When finding the right personal trainer for you think about your budget to start. If private sessions are just out of your means, then try small group training or online training from a knowledgable Certified Personal Trainer.


A Personal Trainer is a very vague title. Anyone can call themselves a trainer but most experienced Certified Personal Trainers have a niche that they specialize in and hold specialization credentials in. If your health and fitness goals are to lose weight try to find someone who specializes in weight loss and if your goals are to be a bodybuilder then hire a bodybuilding coach. As I said before, not every Personal Trainer is for everybody so finding one who specializes in what you are looking for is a good place to start.

Finding the right Personal Trainer for you could take some time and some trial and error. It is important to connect with the right Personal Trainer’s personality, philosophy and training styles. Look for an experienced, knowledgable Certified Personal Trainer who can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Everybody is different and not every trainer is for everybody. Do your research and find the right Personal Trainer for you.

Stay Strong!

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