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Healthy Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

With Covid-19 on top of every one’s mind and restrictions starting to ease, we have to be proactive and think of ways to strengthen our immune systems to give us the best shot at fighting bacteria infections, diseases and viruses. The immune system is the body’s defence system and consists of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins. The following are some healthy ways to strengthen your immune system:

Clean Balanced Diet

As the old saying goes ‘you are what you eat’ so if you are eating processed poor quality foods, thats how your body will feel and act. An easy way to boost your immune system is to include a balanced diet of fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of micronutrients or vitamins that the body can use to boost your immunity. Incorporating specific foods into your diet such as ginger, garlic, oranges, blueberries, and other immune boosting foods may strengthen a person’s immune system

Exercise Regularly

Getting active and moving more will definitely help give a boost to your immune system. Regular exercise can improve your immune system in many ways including slowing down the release of stress hormones, helping flush bacteria out of your lungs and, also, causing a change in antibodies and white blood cells. Find an activity that you enjoy to get your body moving whether it is taking a walk, lifting weights, or doing a workout video on YouTube. Stay active and stay healthy.

Stop Smoking

I am aware that is easier said than done to stop smoking, however, when you smoke your immune system becomes less effective and you are put at higher risk for respiratory infections. If you are an avid smoker your body usually will have a harder time fighting against diseases and viruses. The minute you quit smoking, though, you will take back your body’s ability to heal and boost your immune system again. Don’t let smoking take away one of your body’s most valuable functions.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough good-quality sleep is essential to stay healthy and for your body to function properly. A proper sleep schedule helps supports the proteins and cells of your immune system. As a healthy adult you should try aiming for 7-9 hours of good-quality sleep. This will help contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system and help fight off disease and viruses.

Minimize Stress Levels

Especially right now I know this one is tough. We are living in very stressful times. Stress can do some wild things to your physical and mental health and put your immune system out of whack. The stress hormone corticosteroid can lower the effectiveness of your immune system. Trying to minimize your stress levels with mindfulness techniques such as practicing yoga will help lower stress hormone levels and help strengthen your immune system.

Not much in this world right now with Covid-19 going on is in our control. One of the only things we can control right now is being our healthiest inside and out. Even though anyone can get the novel Covid-19, we can try our best to protect our bodies by incorporating some healthy habits into our lifestyle to boost our immune system.

Stay Strong! Be your best self!

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