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Change is Scary but Change Can be Good

Over the last four months since the Covid-19 pandemic hit I have learned a lot about myself and how you shouldn’t fear change. Prior to the pandemic I was not very good at adjusting to change in my life and I really liked my routines. Over the past four months I have had to make some big changes and adjustments including adapting my own personal training business to provide virtual options. In addition trying to continue my own fitness/weight loss journey without access to a gym. For me, these adjustments were scary but I learned they were achievable. This time in quarantine has taught me that change is scary but what’s even scarier is regret. It is important to try new things to move forward in life.

As many of you know I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I run my own in-home personal training business Mindset Female Fitness and Wellness in Vaughan, Ontario. When lockdown began, my clients did not want anyone in their homes and I was losing business. I needed to figure out some way to continue with my clients and attract new clients to stay fit while they stay home.

I needed to adjust my business and I first introduced online training as an option to give clients a customized workout program with me coaching them through a new app. I also introduced virtual training over Zoom/Skype which was brand new to me but helped my clients stay on track with their fitness journey and also attract new clients. All these were new challenging changes to me, but I have learned if something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

When my gym closed in mid-March I got nervous and scared. I have personally been on a fitness and weight loss journey for over six years. I have been able to lose and keep off over 100 pounds. I go to my gym almost every single day not just for my physical health but for my mental health as well. I knew I could not fall off and lose my progress that I have worked so hard achieving. I had to adjust again.

I started intermittent fasting and since I am an in-home trainer I had resistance bands, light dumbbells, and some other equipment. I completely changed up my workout routine from heavy weights to light resistance and bodyweight workouts. I still workout 5-6 days a week in my basement and my body shape has changed. I have lost more weight since the beginning of this quarantine and I feel great.

We are all dealing with the crazy changes going on around us in many different ways. As someone who has personally dealt with depression and anxiety, Covid-19 has made it a very difficult time for people dealing with mental illness. It is important to remember that we are all adjusting with different changes in our lives and it is okay to be sad, anxious, or angry, just know this will get better and we need to stay positive. Change can be scary. Change can be beautiful. More than anything, change is inevitable. Stay strong!

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