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Bad Habits That Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Without even knowing, some of our regular lifestyle habits can actually be having a negative effect on your metabolism and in the end your weight loss progress. Metabolism is a process where your body converts whatever you eat and drink into energy that the body can use. As you get older, it is natural that your metabolism will slow down so therefore it is important to be as proactive as possible. The following are 5 bad habits that can slow down your metabolism and negatively affect your weight loss progress:

Lack of Sleep

Some people take for granted a good night sleep but when it comes to weight loss it can actually be negatively affect your progress. Lack of sleep impacts the balance of the hormones in the body that affect appetite and slow down your metabolism. If you really want to lose weight then getting a regular proper sleep schedule is a super important part. A poor sleeping schedule can be a huge risk factor for weight gain, increasing appetite, and decreasing your resting metabolic rate.

Stressing Out

Life can be extremely stressful at some points but it is important to remember that stress can do some very interesting things to your body inside and out. Stress has also been known to slow down your metabolism. The foods we seem to crave while stressed seem to be very high in fat and refined sugar. If your goal is to lose weight, then using stress relieving strategies such as yoga, exercise, journaling or therapy can help bring your stress levels down and your body’s functions back to normal.

Not Eating Enough

What you actually eat and how much can also affect the process of metabolism. If you are skipping meals and/or not consuming enough calories you could also be slowing down your metabolism. Putting your body in starvation mode is not smart to lose weight long term. Your body naturally needs a certain amount of calories for energy and survival. If you don’t consume enough calories for your body and you put yourself in starvation mode, that can actually slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.

Sitting Too Much

We live in an extremely sedentary world that most of us sit all day at work and when you get home you sit some more. We don’t move enough every day and most people don’t get the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Lack of movement has definitely been known to slow down your metabolism and slow down your weight loss progress. If you eat something, you need to be able to burn off those calories or else you will continue to gain weight. Try for the recommended 30 minutes a day of aerobic activity and 2-3 times a week of strength/resistance training.

Lack of Resistance Training

Not incorporating resistance training or only focusing your workouts on cardio machines can significantly slow down your metabolism and slow down your weight loss progress. Remembering to not overdo the cardio machines and incorporating weight training into your workout is a great way to speed up your metabolism. Resistance/strength training has been shown to greatly increase your metabolic rate. Balance your weekly workouts focusing on all the different types of training including flexibility training, resistance/strength training, cardiorespiratory training, core training, and balance training.

It is important to remember that some of your every day habits can be negatively effecting your metabolism and, in the end, your weight loss progress. Try to be more mindful and make healthier lifestyle choices. This will make you feel healthier and happier and is what we should all strive for. If you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t change yourself. Be your best self and Stay Strong!

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