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5 Ways You Can Minimize Stress Eating

Currently most of us are dealing with a higher level of stress due to Covid-19 and physical distancing. Most people are feeling many different emotions and some of us are eating our emotions away. It is common to eat more when you are stressed so it is important to learn ways to minimize your stress eating and try to deal with our stress in other healthier alternatives. Here are some ways you can prevent or minimize your stress eating:

Keep a Food Journal

A great idea to minimize stress eating and overeating is to keep track in a food journal. Be aware of what you are eating every day and have physical evidence of it. There is no one you can lie to but yourself. Being truthful and keeping a food diary of what you are eating, the portion sizes, and when you are eating is a good way to be accountable to yourself and minimize stress eating.


Exercise is a known method to reduce stress levels. You don’t have to do an intense workout if that is not your thing, just move! Dance in your kitchen to your favourite song, go for a walk or play your favourite sport, it doesn’t matter just get your body going. Minimizing stress and distracting yourself with a healthy activity in the end will minimize stress eating. Some activities, such as yoga and tai chi have elements of more exercise and meditation and will help reduce stress.

Be Mindful

During more stressful times it is important to be mindful and practice some form of mindfulness. Most forms of meditation and mindfulness are known to reduce stress levels. Also it is very important to practice mindful eating and become more aware of the food you are consuming. Sit down and ask yourself, are you really hungry? This will help avoid the impulse to grab high calorie comfort food and regret it later.

Snack Healthy

If you have a craving or the urge to snack, try a healthier lower-calorie option than what you may have previously chosen. Instead of chips or chocolate, choose a healthier snack such as fruit, vegetables, nuts/seeds or unbuttered popcorn It will also be helpful to try to not keep high calorie hard-to-resist foods in your home for the purpose of out of sight, out of mind. Also it is important while we are all stuck at home, to fight boredom and instead of snacking when you are not really hungry, distract yourself with a healthier activity such as call a friend or go on a walk.

Drink More Water

You have probably heard it once or twice to drink more water. It is quite common that people often confuse hunger with thirst. While we are all staying home we can try to improve our water consumption and be properly hydrated. Maintaining proper hydration is so important for your overall health and may help you minimize stress eating. Before eating anything you should try drinking a bottle of water and wait a couple minutes before starting to eat.

There is no denying we are living in stressful times and it is super easy to fall off your healthy routine. If you want to come out of this in decent shape, it is important to structure your day with regular meals and physical activity. It will be really easy to fall into a slump of binge watching television and snacking but it is important to me mindful of what you are consuming. Covid-19 is teaching us to be strong and resilient but at the same time we don’t want to be unhealthy. Stay home and stay strong!

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