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5 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Getting to be your best and fittest self does not have to be extremely complicated. Bodyweight exercises are exactly what they sound like. They are exercises which use your bodyweight against you as resistance. Some of the more common bodyweight exercises include push ups, bodyweight squats, sit ups, etc. There are so many benefits of bodyweight training including that it can be done basically anywhere. All you need is your body and a positive mindset. The following are 5 benefits of bodyweight training:

Great for Beginners

Bodyweight exercises are great for beginners to understand form and work on increasing range of motion. Since bodyweight exercises just uses your body as resistance, they are less intimidating than dumbbells and barbells and anyone can of any fitness level can adjust these exercises to increase or decrease the difficulty. They are also less likely to cause injury so these exercises are great to use for people with previous injuries or active agers.

Cost Effective

Starting a fitness journey can get quite expensive after adding up gym memberships and boutique fitness classes. Great thing about a bodyweight workout is that it is free and can be done basically anywhere. No one needs another excuse not to work out so luckily bodyweight exercises eliminate those common obstacles. Bodyweight training is a great way to begin moving your body and can be done at home, office or in a gym.

Helps to Burn Fat Fast

All you need is a few minutes of a high intensity bodyweight circuit to have a major impact on the body’s metabolism and burn fat fast. Bodyweight exercises are great for strength but also can be used as cardio instead of using a treadmill or bicycle. Pairing up a bodyweight cardio exercise such as burpees with a bodyweight strength exercise such as push ups or pull ups will help burn fat faster than traditional cardio on a treadmill.

Help with Balance and Increase Flexibility

Bodyweight training can go hand in hand with improving balance, building strength and increasing flexibility. When it comes to bodyweight training, functional movements like single-leg squats can improve balance through increased body awareness and control. Completing these exercises through full range of motion helps your joints move more freely with less discomfort or pain. Bodyweight training can also improve posture and reduce the chance of injury.

Can be Easily Modified Whatever Your Fitness Level

The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that they can be easily modified to continue to challenge you and your body throughout your fitness journey. Whether it is performing more repetitions or taking less rest in between, there are many ways to make these exercises harder or easier depending on your fitness level. In the end it is just about moving our bodies in the ways bodies were made to move. Move better, feel better.

Whether you are at home, your office or at the gym, bodyweight exercises are a great tool that can be helpful to achieve your fitness goals at all fitness levels. Whether your fitness goals are to increase flexibility, build strength or improve your cardio, bodyweight exercises are a great place to start. Exercises including squats, lunges, pushups, pull ups and planks are all among great body weight exercises to get you started. Keep your body moving and stay strong!

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