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The Body Positive Movement- Women in Hollywood

The world is changing right before our eyes. In some ways good and in some ways very bad, but when it comes to body positivity and women we are seeing a major positive movement in the right direction. There is still a long way to go but beautiful women such as Ashley Graham, the Kardashian sisters, Amy Schumer and Serena Williams are making such a positive impact in Hollywood when it comes to seeing more accepting women’s body types. We are not seeing as many stick thin models and we are seeing more curves and more natural body figures. The media for many years have controlled the way the average person should perceive themselves and if the media is more accepting to different body types than that can make a massive impact from a young age on people becoming more accepting of ourselves.

As a young girl growing up in the early nineties I never saw curvaceous women in magazines or on the television. If you did, it would be the part of the “fat” girl or the weird girl. You would see women in lead parts such as Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell, Cher in Clueless and Britney Spears on the television. Yes they are all beautiful women but they were all thin. There were no Chrissy Metz or Lena Dunham on your sitcoms. In many ways we have seen a huge positive jump in the past ten years.

I personally think that with the whole phenomenon of reality television becoming so popular and more realistic characters, helped tremendously in the celebrities we see today. Kim and Khloe Kardashian are groundbreakers for the body positive movement in television. Kim and Khloe both have lots of beautiful curves but are far from stick thin. They have broken boundaries on many levels in the body positive movement in Hollywood. They embrace their curves and rock it. What the best part is, is that a beautiful woman in Hollywood is not right away perceived as stick thin anymore.

The models you see on the runways now are not all 6 feet tall and thin anymore. High-end brand name clothing lines are including more inclusive sizes. You would have never seen this before the 2000’s. This is positive for women as a whole because now we don’t have to compare ourselves to stick thin women on tv anymore. When we see plus size celebrities, they seem more relatable and that is why people are relating more to those characters. This Is Us made a incredible decision by including Chrissy Metz as a main character in their hit show. Before this, on television you only really saw plus size male main characters.

Every woman is beautiful. Not every woman is 6 feet tall and skinny. Hollywood before the last couple years, has always been about the pretty women being categorized as tall and skinny. Hollywood is changing in a positive light and becoming full of all different size confident ladies. Young girls are looking up to role models such as Ashley Graham, Serena Williams and the Kardashians and seeing they are not stick thin anymore. Amy Schumer one of the most successful comedians in 2018 is beautiful and not stick thin. This hopefully will make a difference in the future generation to be more accepting and less judgemental on women.

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