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5 Reasons Why You Have Gained Weight Overnight

It is quite common for people to have gotten on the scale to see a sudden increase in their bodyweight by 1-3 pounds compared to the day or two before. The natural reaction is to be frustrated and blame it on what you ate the night before. The fried fast food you had could be a factor but what people seem to not understand is that the body naturally fluctuates on its own a few pounds. Those pounds are not just fat but could be the result of a many other factors going on in your body. One of the most common reasons for these extra pounds is water retention. The body is made up of 65% water and retaining water can cause the number of the scale to increase easily. Take a deep breath and relax because you have not gained 2-3 pounds of fat overnight. Some of the reasons for gaining weight overnight can include:

Higher Sodium Intake

The most likely reason for fluid retention and overnight weight gain could be caused by a higher sodium intake than normal. Consuming foods that are high in sodium (salt) can cause the body to retain water and gain water weight. Avoiding foods with high sodium like processed foods, deli meats, sauces/dressings, and fast food will help keep your sodium intake down causing less water retention. Weight gain from high sodium intake should only last 24-48 hours.

Time of the Month

For women, those few extra pounds could be due to hormonal changes right around your period. The usual feeling of bloating does occur and usually period-related weight gain will start around a week before your period actually arrives. Again these weight fluctuations don’t last very long and are different for everyone but could be a cause for why you have gained a couple pounds overnight.

Bowels Backed Up

If your bowels are a little backed up, not only will you feel bloated and constipated but you will carry more weight until you release your bowels and go the bathroom. Making sure your diet includes fibre, drinking water, and staying active so that the body can keep its bowel movements regular. This extra weight doesn’t last long but could be the reason you magically gained weight overnight.

Hard Work Out

If you have been working out hard and get on the scale to see you have gained a few pound, most likely you have gained muscle mass. Muscle mass in the body is much more dense than fat and takes up significantly less space than fat. It is very possible you may weigh more than you did before starting strength training but you may appear slimmer because of the change in your body composition.


Some possible side effects of certain medications can include water retention and weight gain. Medications including birth control and some steroids cause water retention which in turn may cause weight gain. Usually this weight does not go away until you are off the medication. There could be physical side effects of the fluid retention caused by medication including swollen hands and feet. If you notice weight gain after taking a medication notify your doctor.

Bottom line is be mindful. Take care of your body, eat clean, work out and stop worrying about the number on the scale.

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