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5 Diet Tricks to Help you Lose Fat and Eat Better

What you eat is arguably the number one factor when it comes to losing fat. Most people are misguided when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. Your focus to your diet should not be about counting your calories but the quality of your calories, timing of your eating and portion control. I tell my clients all the time that losing weight comes down to 100% diet, 100% exercise and 100% a positive mindset. When it comes to the diet aspect of weightloss thats where most people fail on their journey. Using simple tricks when it comes to your nutrition really makes the diet part less intimidating. The following 5 tricks will help you get started on your weight loss journey:

Drink a Bottle of Water before Every Meal.

Drinking a whole bottle of water before each meal, helps trick your brain to think that your stomach is already full. When you drink water your stomach sends a message to your brain thinking you are already full and you will end up consuming less actual calories. Also it has been proven that drinking water prior to a meal will help hydrate your skin, as well as energize you throughout the day.

One Plate Rule

Don’t go for seconds. I know it might take some willpower to hold yourself back from more of your favourites but stick to one plate at each meal. This will avoid overeating and help with your portion control. If you put everything on one plate you can use it as a visual to see exactly what you are putting in your body. This trick helps at buffets and parties where there is no-limits on how much you can feast on.

Protein and Vegetables at Every Meal

Incorporating protein and some type of vegetable at every meal will help with the quality of calories you are actually consuming. Most people go for the quick and easy instead of the quality. If you can check off each meal that you are eating some type of protein and some type of vegetables, that is a good start to making better choices.

Protein or Fruit/Veg Snacks

If you are hungry in between meals instead of going for junk food, have either some type of protein or a fruit or vegetable. A fruit is great because it satisfies the sweet aspect that most people look for in a snack. A fruit is still a carbohydrate but fruits are considered complex carbohydrates compared to refined sugars or simple carbohydrates in candy or in processed snacks. Snack time is also a great time to load up on more protein. Most people don’t eat enough protein so its a great time to have some nuts or seeds or a nut butter as well.

Last Meal is Dinner

Most people do have a problem with eating after dinner. If you are trying to lose weight and are focusing on your calorie intake, dinner should be the last time you eat before bed. Calories are still calories and I’m not saying always but usually late night eating is never good. No one actually grills a chicken breast or make a salad at midnight. Late at night most people want quick and easy food which is normally processed and unhealthy. If you stop eating at dinner, you won’t have to worry about making bad decisions late at night.

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