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You Are Only as Happy as Your Least Happy Child- A Parent’s Perspective

Last week when I was training with my daughter Jess, I said “if you would have told me 7 years ago I’d be training with you, (my fit personal trainer daughter) I never would have believed you!!! It made me think about how many parents are out there feeling despair and helpless not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where their kids’ futures are concerned. My husband and I were there.

My daughter was 21, very overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. She had battled anxiety and depression since she was 15. Those years 15-21 were very tough socially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically…not just on Jess. It affected all of us living here. The stress was overwhelming. There was a period of time she stopped going to school entirely. Teachers and tutors came to the house to help her keep up with her workload and finish her year.

I always say you’re only as happy as your least happy child. My husband and I were not very happy. We were incredibly worried. We didn’t share this with most of our friends. We kept it inside. As time went on, Jess got help and was doing better but that anxiety constantly reared it’s ugly head. We aren’t sure how, but she went away to college and with much perseverance graduated as a graphic designer. At the end of it, she got a dream internship and was still not happy.

She went away for a week alone to California and came back with clarity and vision to get healthy and fit. We were freaking out for those 7 days but agreed to let her go and upon her return saw a different girl. She asked for help to hire a personal trainer. She also joined a gym. After months of this and healthy eating we started to see her transformation. It was incredible. It took a year and a half for her to lose her weight. The most amazing thing is she changed her career to inspire and help others do the same. She’s kept off her weight and it has been over 5 years now!

I have lost about 15 pounds and my husband about 20 lbs training with her too. She’s inspired us as well! When things got dark all we could do was support Jess and be there for her. She was resilient and fought to be well. We are very proud of her. She eventually found a career to give back and help others. Our advice is to have faith in your kids and support them in good and bad times. Support their passion and dreams where possible. It can help your dreams for them come true too!

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